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Commercial and Reseller Accounts

We offer generous discounts for commercial companys, and companys that RE-SELL our products to their customers - either on a website, in a retail store-front, or via "contractor to install" services.  We manufacture approximately 97% of all our products - from cables, to TV mounts, and have over 2,800 unique products in stock.  99% of products listed on our website are typically IN STOCK.  Real-time inventory information is displayed for every product.  On the rare occasion a product is out of stock, an ETA date for estimated "in-stock" is display.  Very rarely will you have to wait until a product is back in stock. 

Our Warehouse Location

Our main warehouse is located in Eden Prairie, MN (5 miles from centrally located Minneapolis, MN) with close to 13,000 square feet of warehouse space. 

We also warehouse certain high volume products in Los Angeles, CA and Detroit, MI. 

With our central location, most UPS packages and freight shipments will arrive at either coast in 3-4 business days.  Priority Mail packages arrive in 2-3 days. 

If your order is over 200lbs, we can also provide discounted dock-to-dock freight shipping services either to you, or directly to your customer.

If you are interested in reselling our products, please contact us for more information.  Resellers will be required to provide the following information:

  • Reseller permit, or sales tax exemption in the state (or province) they are legally operating from
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) if operating in the USA
  • Complete business billing and shipping information
  • Product line you are most interested in

Please include as much information as possible in your initial email to us. 

To download our CREDIT APPLICATION (Word Doc), please click HERE.

To support our commercial accounts and resellers, we offer:

  • True Blind shipping of orders to your customers.  "True Blind Shipping" means that we alter the "Return Address" portion of the shipping label and change it to YOUR company name.  The invoice is emailed to you, and NOT included in the package 
  • A specialized packing slip is included in the blind-shipped order; the "FROM" portion of the packing slip has your company name and address information listed instead of ours.  Your customers will truly believe the shipment originated from you (not us)
  • Download (on request) in Excel format a list of our parts, descriptions, the website retail price, and your reseller price
  • Many of our products, when purchased "in bulk" (quanties of 101 and over) have up to a 70% price reduction.  This price reduction is in ADDITION to your discount!
  • Quotations for larger quantity orders beyond the prices shown on our website
  • Custom manufacturing for your special projects

Tier Pricing Model

Once you are approved as a reseller or volume customer, you will be assigned a "Tier Number" to determine your pricing discount level.  We offer pricing from Tier Level 1 through 6.  Level 6 offers the highest level of discounts.  Initially, most reseller accounts are assigned a level 2 tier pricing level.  We periodically review our reseller discount levels and based on quantities of orders AND size of orders, make decisions to INCREASE (or decrease) tier pricing levels.  Customers with tier pricing will NOT be eligible to use any coupon or promotional discount codes - but will be elligible for our promotion FREE SHIPPING offer (subject to those conditions).

An explanation of how our Tier Pricing Structure works is best explained by an example graphic using our part FS-3MM-06MM.  The LEFT image shows this product's pricing as most customers would see this product.  If you buy quantity 1, you would pay $1.33 each.  Buy 2, you would pay $1.20.  The RIGHT image shows this product's pricing if you are a TIER LEVEL 4 CUSTOMER.  Tier "4" means the most you will pay will be the discount quantity pricing shown in the 4th row - or $0.92.  If you buy quantity 1, your pricing is discounted to $0.92.  If you buy 75, you will automatically receive the further higher discount pricing of $0.85.  If you were a TIER LEVEL 2 customer, your entry level price would be $1.09.  You must be logged in with your customer account to see your special reseller pricing.  If you forget to log in, and you add products to your shopping cart, your prices WILL be re-calculated automatically once you log in during the checkout process:

Regular Website Display Pricing
Special Tier Level 4 Pricing Display