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Our SVGA cables are TRIPLE shielded, and available in lengths from 3ft to 200ft - in standard, or Ultra-Thin configurations. Also available: VGA/Audio Combination Cables, VGA Extension Cables, Switches, Amplifiers, and Video Distribution Units. VGA cables are considered legacy type cables used to connector older computers to VGA type monitors. Many newer monitors while supporting newer technologies such as HDMI, DVI, USB Type-C, many still support the analog 15-pin trapezoid shaped VGA connector. Most devices have a FEMALE port, while VGA cables have MALE connector pins.


VGA Cables (Male to Male). All TRIPLE Shielded so you will get your BEST VGA Picture! Use to hook up your monitor, or from your PC to your HDTV that has a VGA 15pin port.

VGA and 3.5mm Audio Combination Cables - Ideal for PC Projectors with Sound Support for Laptops, or Computer to HDTV video/audio support. Triple shielded.

High Performance, triple shielded, ULTRA THIN and full-wired cables ideal for space saving design and flexiblity not found in regular VGA cables

VGA Extension Cables (Male to Female). All TRIPLE Shielded so you will get your BEST VGA Picture!

Split a single VGA video signal, and show it on multiple screens. My Cable Mart's VGA Y-Cables, VGA Amplifiers and Matrix boxes also included in this category.

Connect your VGA monitor to your DVI-A (analog) or DVI-I (integrated) video card, or vice-versa with My Cable Mart's 15 pin VGA to DVI cables.

15 pin projector (that supports Y, Pr, Pb out from 15 pin VGA connector) to component Cable. Connect a video projector with component-in capability through the VGA port. It can only function with a ...
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