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Power Cords (AC)

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Extend a single 120v power source with this male to female power cord

Extend multiple 120v power devices with this standard 3-prong ground power extension cord

Power cord for your standard desktop computer and many monitors from 1ft to 25ft

Extend an existing computer on monitor power connector

C14 to C15 Black Power Cords, 14AWG 3 prong

Replacement power cord for many small 2-prong electrical devices, some laptops. Includes NON polarized, and polarized female connector types.

Replacement 3-prong power cord found in many popular laptop and notebooks using the SJT Connector Type.

Power Cord C19 (Female) to C20 (Male) Black/ SJT 14AWG, 3 Prong, rated up to 20Amps

Barrel Power Cables for Small Devices

Hospital grade power cords conform to strict standards for grounding, strength, and durability, and are UL Listed
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