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USB Type C Cables and Adapters

USB Type-C CablesUSB Type-C cables are available in multiple different speed and technology ratings. From the original USB 3.1 supporting 5 Gbps to the new USB4/Thunderbolt 4 specification which supports 40Gbps.


USB Type-C cables are available in 5GBps, 10Gbps, and USB4 Thunderbolt 40Gbps speed ratings

Our USB-C to Type-A (Standard) cables are available as legacy USB 2.0 (480Mbps) - both standard and QuickCharge, Angled, and USB 3.2 5Gbps types and speeds

Extend an existing USB-C cable up to 16 additional feet, while sustaining 5Gbps (or 10Gbps for shorter lengths)

The wider USB 3 Micro-B dual connector can be found on many external hard drives, digital cameras, and GPS devices supporting up to 5Gbps

Connect your Micro-B 5Pin (USB 2) devices to the newer USB Type-C Port

The Type-B connector (version 2.0 and the larger 3.1) are mostly found in printers and certain KVM devices. USB v2.0 supports 480Mpbs, and v3.1 supports up to 5Gbps.

The USB-C port can support video out, such as to HDMI (up to 100ft), DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA video technologies

Our USB-C to Lightning(TM) cables support Rapid Charge and Power Delivery (PD) technologies found in newer Apple(TM) phones and devices

Our very large selection of various USB-C adapters provide for angled connections, or conversions from different USB connector types
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