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XLR Cables

XLR Cables XLR cables are also known as microphone cables, and have three pins and a circular connector. XLR Cables are used in audio applications ranging from live shows to professional recording sessions. They are used to deliver balanced microphone and line-level signals over long distances. XLR Cables are commonly used to connect professional audio equipment - such as microphones, mixers, and other A/V equipment requiring a balanced three pin connection.


General Duty and Premium Professional Grade

XLR Female to 1/4inch TRS (Balanced) Male, XLR Female to 1/4inch TS (MONO/Single Band) Male and XLR Male to 1/4inch TS (MONO/Single Band) Male

XLR Male and Female to 3.5mm (Balanced) TRS Stereo, XLR Break-out to 3.5mm Cables

XLR Male and Female to RCA Male Cables

XLR Bulk Cable and Connectors, Adapters, and Wall-plates
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