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Product Returns Requests & Order Issue Reporting

Product ReturnsGeneral

All products purchased from My Cable Mart LLC that are to be returned - whether because they were not suitable for your application, defective, or any other reason MUST be accompanied by our RMA document. Packages that are shipped to us without such documentation will be refused, and returned to the sender. A separate RMA must be requested matching up to the original order number. If you are returning products from multiple orders, please request the RMA for EACH order separately. Our RMA documents are valid for 14 days from the date of issue.

Please request an RMA using this screen if ANY of the following are related to your order:

  • Product Return for Refund
  • Defective Product Reporting or Troubleshooting
  • Incorrect Product Received
  • Product Missing from Order

If we shipped your order, and it has not arrived in a timely manner - or tracking indicates delivery and you have verified you have NOT received your order, please instead CONTACT US by email or phone.

If you have recently received an order and the INCORRECT products have been sent to you, please proceed with this RMA process.  Claims for incorrect products or shortages MUST be made within 7 days of order receipt.  We will NOT honor such requests AFTER 7 days. We will attend to such issues immediately upon receipt with our sincerest apologies.

Return Policies

Refunds for Returns within 30 Days from Date of Purchase

If your product is in its original packaging, and was purchased within 30 days from the date of order, you can return such a product for a complete and full refund of the purchase price paid.

  • We do not refund shipping costs.
  • We do not exchange for credit. We refund only the original price paid of the product only.
  • Where possible, we refund back using the original payment method (Credit Card, PayPal, Google Checkout, Refund/Credit to Account if a purchase order, and by Check if original paid by Money Order).
  • We will not provide a return shipping label.
  • If your order has a discount applied, this discount will be subtracted from the refund price.
  • TV Mounts may be subject to a 10% restocking fee if the mount shows signs of being used, or mounted, and we can not longer re-sell such mount as "new". If your TV mount is MISSING parts when returned, an additional fee will be applied to recover the costs of such parts. Do NOT write on either the outer (brown) or retail mount box with RMA numbers or return addresses. Instead use a label or envelope.
  • MOST products (cables, adapters, electronics, wall-plates, etc) will receive a 100% product refund unless there is physical damage, or missing product manuals.  Pre-cut bulk cable is NOT returnable.
  • We will NOT accept, under any condition, cables or accessories which have been used, or show signs of use. This includes - but is not limited to "scuff marks" on cables that have been "run through walls" or TV mounts that have been used to mount a TV that show visible signs of use.
  • Do NOT use tape or other adhesive materials when re-coiling cables for return.
  • We do not accept products back for refund beyond the 30 day return period.

Defective Returns within 30 Days from Date of Purchase

We take pride in selling top quality products from manufacturers that we trust. We enjoy one of the lowest product return rates in the industry (less than 1 failure per 2,300 cables sold). However, periodically, something goes wrong and we want to make it right IMMEDIATELY. Unlike other retailers that delay fixing products that have gone wrong, we make this process our TOP priority!

  • If the product is defective, and was purchased within 30 days from the date of your order, we will immediately REPLACE this product with the exact same product. We will pay all associated shipping costs to ship out the replacement product using the original or similar shipping method originally paid for. We will provide you with a return shipping label so that you can send back the defective product to us. We want to cause as little inconvenience as possible for this issue and make sure you have a working product as soon as possible.
  • We must have valid credit card information before shipping an immediate replacement to you. We will request this information. If you do not have a valid credit card, or are otherwise unwilling to provide it to us, you must then first send the defective product back to us before we can send out a replacement.
  • You must return the defective product back to us within 14 days. If you do NOT return the defective product, we will charge your credit card the full purchase price including the outbound, and not-used return shipping label. We will send you a courtesy reminder by email prior to taking such step.
  • Upon receipt of the defective product, we will thoroughly test such product. If found to NOT be defective, we will charge your credit card the following associated costs: Outbound shipping costs incurred to send you the replacement product, and Return shipping costs (for the return shipping label). This will only occur if we have absolutely determined that the returned product is NOT defective.
  • We will only REPLACE defective products. Should you decide that you want to RETURN for refund a product you believe to be defective, you will need to ship that product to us "shipping pre-paid". Upon receipt we will refund such product's purchase price.
  • These warranties apply to products that have stopped working (or arrived "DOA" - Dead on Arrival), but do NOT cover willful or accidental damage. Damage such as (but not limited to) the breakage of connectors ends, cuts of cables, or use of product in such a manner that it was not designed for will NOT be covered under our warranty and will not be replaced or accepted for refund.

Defective Returns Beyond 30 Days from the Date of Purchase

We pride ourselves in offering a defective return policy BEYOND the first 30 days for products that you believe are defective. ALL our cables carry lifetime warranties. Our TV Mounts have 1 year warranties. Most of our electronic products carry 1 year warranties except where specifically stated differently with the product's description.

  • Most of our cabling products carry lifetime warranties. These warranties apply to products that have stopped working, but do NOT cover willful or accidental damage. Damage such as (but not limited to) the breakage of connectors ends, cuts of cables, use of product in such a manner that it was not designed for will NOT be covered under our warranty.
  • Customer must return the product back to My Cable Mart, shipping and optionally insurance pre-paid. Upon receipt, we will test the product. If we find that the product is defective, and there is no physical damage that would otherwise void such warranty, we will ship back to you a new replacement product using the most economical shipping method.
  • Alternatively, if you are in urgent need of the replacement product to be available immediately, a replacement (pre-paid) order can be placed on our website. The customer will pay for both the replacement product, and shipping. Once we receive the original product, and if after testing we find such product to be defective, we will then REFUND either the original cost, or the replacement cost (whichever is cheaper) of such product.

To start the RMA/return process, please enter the order number below and press the SUBMIT button below:

Note: If you do NOT have your order number handy, please log on to our system. Once logged in, click the VIEW ORDER HISTORY link. Your list of orders will be displayed. Then click the RMA link on the RIGHT side of this screen.