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Wallplates Make professional connections for your home theater using My Cable Mart's extensive line of wallplates - from standard HDMI, component, and network - to fully customized keystone plates.


Choose from My Cable Mart's wallplates: HDMI, Component, RCA, S-Video, and Coax for a clean, professional looking HDTV installation. Ideal for wall-mounted LCD/Plasma HDTVs.

Keystone wallplates are made to work with many different types of cabling solutions, including coaxial, twisted pair, HDMI, optical fiber, etc. Customize your wallplates using these universal keysto...

Pass through wallplates are used on existing hollow walls and ceilings when you need both GFCI protected power and low voltage cables pulled to one location.

My Cable Mart offers powered (110v) and bridged wallplates that are perfect for hiding cables and creating clean installations for wall-mounted TVs.

Decora wallplates are the standard size used by most rocker, dimmer, and slider light switches, as well as many GFCI outlets and phone/data jacks. It's also referred to as a decorator wallplate or a...

Clean up messy wires and run cables through the wall for that professional look with My Cable Mart HDMI Wallplates.

Connect your professional cables using our D-Series Panel Mount connectors and stainless steel plates, for a variety of connector types: HDMI, Coax, CAT6, 1/4inch, 3.5mm, XLR, BNC, and SpeakOn(TM). ...
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