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40 - 45ft HDMI

40 - 45ft HDMI My Cable Mart 40 - 45ft HDMI Cables
GENERAL DUTY: Ideal for 1080P setups, including Cable Box, Satellite, and most Media Players. ELITE SERIES: Ideal for 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 setups where you need the absolute BEST 4K signal. Our ELITE cables are engineered and manufactured to EXCEED 18Gbps, are extremely flexible, have a polished nickel shell (for added EMF protection), and use 20u 28AWG silver plated copper wires to guarantee 4K@60Hz / 4:4:4 connectivity. If you are using (or will be using) a 4K system now or in the future, these cables will help future proof your installation. FIBER OPTIC: While more expensive than traditional copper, are now a proven technology that will ensure a 18Gbps, YUV-4:4:4, 60Hz data stream. These are ideal when running a complex HDMI setup through home theatre receivers over longer distances. REDMERE CABLES have a specialized chip embedded in the display end of the cable that re-equalize the HDMI data stream to ensure a perfect display. They are typically found in longer cables to sustain 4K signal. Our ELITE cables 10ft or longer use this chip to sustain 4K@60Hz (18Gbps)!


18Gbps High Speed, Full 3D, Audio Return Channel, 4K Resolution, 28AWG, ATC Certified

Price: $51.85
As low as $39.71 in quantities.
(Part #: GC-HH26-40)
Price: $63.79
As low as $48.87 in quantities.
(Part #: GC-HHL18-40)
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