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Tablets and Cables

Unfortunately, there are no cabling standards for tablets currently on the market place.  Each tablet manufacturer - whether it be Apple, Google, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble have chosen different paths to allow consumers to hook up their tablet devices to their TVs.  Micro-HDMI would appear to make sense for each of these products to support - but each manufacturer has decided - like Apple - that they want to make another 30 bucks on selling you an adapter first.

Below is partial list of some more popular tablets, and their support of HDMI technology:

Tablet Micro HDMI Proprietary Adapter No HDMI Support Mini HDMI MHL Adapter
Kindle Fire HD
Google Nexus 7        
Google Nexus 10        
Barns & Nobble Nook HD+        
Apple iPad        
Samsung Galaxy Note 10        
Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700        
Microsoft Surface RT        
Microsoft Surface Pro        
Nextbook (Android)        
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