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CAT5E, CAT6 cables, Bulk Cables, Patch Panels and Racks

Printer Cables using Standard USB Type A to B Cables. Connects most inkjet, laser, and dot matrix printers to most computers.

Firewire cables (also known as iLink, and IEEE cables) are primarily used in the marketplace to connect Digital Video Cameras and Hard Drives to PC's. A typical firewire/IEEE port at the PC end is the ''6 pin'' variety. A typical firewire port found on a Digital Video Camera is a ''4 pin'' variety.

Hook up your printer, camera, mouse, keyboard, web-cam using our high-speed USB-2 cables.

Our SVGA cables are TRIPLE shielded, and available in lengths from 3ft to 200ft - in standard, or Ultra-Thin configurations. Also available: VGA/Audio Combination Cables, VGA Extension Cables, Switches, Amplifiers, and Video Distribution Units.

Standard SCSI, SCSI-160, SCSI-320, and Ultra-SCSI in multiple drive and length configurations.

Serial Attached SCSI Cables

SATA I, II, III, e, IDE-40, IDE-80, and Floppy Cables

Get those hard to find serial (DB9 and DB25), modem, and null-modem cables here

Universal Cable extends length of ANY computer system with standard VGA, PS/2 Mouse, and KB.

PS/2 and Keyboard Cable Replacements and Extenders
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