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HDMI Products
Certified HDMI Cables, Extension Cables, Switches/Boosters, Adapters, HDMI/DVI Cables and Peripherals.

DVI Cables (All Types)
All DVI Cables (DVI-D, DVI-A, DVI-I, DVI-M1 Projector, VGA to DVI-M1 Projector)

RCA Type Cables
1, 2, 3 and 5 Wire PREMIUM RCA Cables supporting your Digital Audio, Composite Video, Analog Audio, Component Video. Gold Plated!

Toslink / Fiber Optic
Get digital quality sound using our PREMIUM Toslink Digital Audio cables. Toslink (and Mini-Toslink) are compatible with 99% of today's optical audio DVD players, home theatre systems, and TVs.

Digital Audio Cables
Digital Audio via RCA/Coax Cables for Crystal Clear Audio using SPDI/F Data Encoding Technology

Coax/RG6/F Type Satellite Cable
Gold Plated RG59, RG6 Coax (F-type) Cables, Splitters, and Adapters for Satellite and Cable Box connections

BNC Cables and Connectors
The BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connector is a common type of RF connector used for the coaxial cable which connects much radio, television, and other radio-frequency electronic equipment. It is usually applied for frequencies below 3 GHz

Speaker Wire
We offer only the BEST speaker wire cables available in 16, 14 and 12 gauge wire - at a fraction of retail price. Forget the fancy buzz words out there, and forget paying for over-priced retail packaged cable. Copper is copper. Available in standard, and CL-2 In Wall Rated.

Sub-Woofer Cables
Sub-Woofer Cables - Single RCA to RCA and RCA to Positve/Negative Speaker Connectors

Plenum Rated Cables
Plenum Rated Cables (UL Listed) suitable for In-wall installation in office environments. Plenum cable is cable that is laid in the plenum spaces of buildings.

S-Video Cables
Our S-Video cables offer superb performance, even over great distances. Used by most VCRs and nearly all TVs.

Display Port Cables and Adapters
DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort Cables and Adapters

Retractable Cables
Assorted retractable cables (USB, Firewire, 3.5mm, Headphone) are a great lap accessory allowing for easy storage avoiding tangled cables.

Adapters and Converters: All types
Adapters, gender changers for 3.5mm, 2.5mm, 1/4inch, RCA, Coax, S-Video, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, Networking, VGA, and format converters

Phone and Tablet Cases / Protectors
Phone and Tablet Cases for your iPhone, iTouch, Android, or Tablet

Converter, Electronic Video and/or Audio
Convert VGA, Composite Video, Component Video, S-Video, HDMI, Analog and Digital Audio to various formats via a hardware electronic converter

Infra-Red (IR) Products
Infra-Red Products, Cables, and Extenders

TV Mounts (LCD/Plasma/Monitor)
Quality LCD, Plasma, and Monitor Mounts at a fraction of the price of retail! Compare our TV mounts at $11-118 with those at your local BIG BOX stores selling for $150-300, or more. Did you know that BIG BOX makes more profit from a TV mount than from MOST TVs?

Audio/Video Furniture
Home Theatre Furniture

Computer Cables
Firewire/1394, USB, Video/VGA, SCSI, Networking, and a variety of other Computer Cables can be found here. All backed by a money-back guarantee, and lifetime warranty.

Speaker Mounts, Stands, and Accessories
Mount your speakers directly to the wall, or on podium stands

Commercial Grade Cables and Products
Commercial Grade HDMI, VGA, Structured Cabling, Plenum Rated Cables, Testing Equipment

Standard and Keystone-type Wallplates. Make profesional connections for your home theatre using our extensive line of plates - from HDMI, component, and network - to fully customized keystone type plates.

3.5mm, 2.5mm, and MP3 Mini Cables
2.5mm, 3.5mm (1/8 inch) Audio, Audio/Video Combination Cables, converter cables (to RCA, to 2.5mm, etc) suitable for most iPods and other small/mini cable type players.

iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTouch Cables and Accessories
iPad, iPad2, iTouch, iPhone, and iPod (TM) data and charging cables. (TM) and Copyright Apple Corp.

Cable Management
Cable Loom, Grommets, Ties, Raceways

Telephone Wire, Modular RJ11
Standard 4 conductor (2 lines) RJ11 Telephone Wire

1/4inch / TRS / XLR Profesional Cables
1/4 inch TRS, XLR, Stereo and Mono cables and adapters for Guitars, Amps, Microphones and other pro-audio equipment

XLR 3P Microphone/Pro Audio Cables
XLR Cables are commonly used to connect professional audio equipment - such as microphones, some guitars, and other A/V equipment requiring a 3 point connection

Consumer Electronics Cables
Home Theatre Accessories, Power Supplies, Firewire, Power Cords

Computer Accessories
Media Readers, PC Cards, Surge Protectors, Switches/Hubs

Projector Cables
Projector Cables: VGA/RGB Connections, DVI-M1 Connections, 15pin VGA/Component. (See also HDMI, HDMI/DVI Combo, and DVI cables)

Home Theatre Accessories
LCD & Plasma TV Mounts, Speaker Mounts, and Home Theatre Accessories

Surge / Power Bar
Protect your Investment without breaking the bank!

Bulk Cable
BULK networking (CAT5E and CAT6), Coax (RG6 for Cable and Satellite), CAT3 (Telephone), Security, and Alarm Cabling needs

Gaming Cables (XBox/Wii/PS3/etc)
Connect your Games WITHOUT having to break the bank on retail prices cables.

Antennas for HDTV and Radio
Get BETTER than Satellite or Cable TV HDTV Signals FREE using off-air HDTV antennas or FM Receivers

Cell Phone Data Cables
Transfer your images to your PC with these economical Data Cables

Tools and Testers

Professional Installation Services
Professional Installation Services for your HDTV, Audio Video, and Gaming Equipment by ZIP EXPRESS INSTALLATION, offering nation-wide installation services

Clearance and Sale Items
Sale, Clearance, and To Be Discontinued Items (Many reduced up to 75%!). Some products have limited quantities.

Power Cords (AC)
Power Cords and Power Extension Cords (AC)

Aviation Headsets
2 Great Aviation Headsets, perfect for student pilot and casual flighers alike

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